DPI for Screen

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DPI for Screen

Post by gabarice »

The current screen dpi is at 1024x768@76 dpi.

Before installing full LXDE, I use openbox and lxpanel (on Debian Lenny), I have set the dpi to 96 at:
# /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc

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# $Id: xserverrc 189 2005-06-11 00:04:27Z branden $

exec /usr/bin/X11/X -nolisten tcp -dpi 96

After installing LXDE, the dpi defaulted to 76 dpi. What other method can I change the dpi to 96?

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Re: DPI for Screen

Post by kgas »

you can edit your xorg.conf and add the following under device if your using intel video card.
Option "NoDDC" "true"
Option "DPI" "96 x 96"
Check your current resolution Code: xdpyinfo | grep resolution
Logout and login to see the change. Hope this may help you.

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Re: DPI for Screen

Post by shinchyn »

I use slim as my login manager.
In /etc/slim.conf, thereis

xserver_arguments -nolisten tcp vt07

Change it to

xserver_arguments -nolisten tcp vt07 -dpi 96 // 96dpi for example

That's all.