Configuring panel in lxde

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Configuring panel in lxde

Postby arroy_0209 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:00 pm

I use ubuntu12.04 and today installed lxde in it. There are a few things where I need suggestions since I do not have much experience with linux.

1. If I minimize some terminal or say firefox browser, it should hide at some place on the panel. If I want it maximize it, I need to click on that location on the panel. If more than one terminals are minimized, these should stay on the panel side by side. But I am unable to choose from menu "application launch bar-edit" the correct option. Please help. (Right now, if I minimize some terminal, it just vanishes.)

2. There are a few commands which I want to run this way: click the correct icon on the panel, so that a terminal opens with the commnad trying to execute (this I do so that I can avoid writing the lengthy command everytime I use it.) How do I do this in lxde?

3. If I maximize firefox, it spreads over the entire screen. Can it be configured so that it spreads up to the panel location (in my case the panel is located horizontally at the bottom) so that the panel can be seen even after firefox is maximized?

I am sure these questions are too elementary for this forum but I am forced to ask since I lack experience and there is practically no one I can ask nearby (everyone uses windows). Thanks.

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Re: Configuring panel in lxde

Postby Rex Bouwense » Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:33 pm

Welcome to the lxde forums. No question is too simple. Everyone at one time or another had to learn from someone.
If you right click your panel, Panel Preferences will come up. Navigate to Advanced and then check or ensure that both boxes under Properties are checked. Hopefully that will solve your problem.
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