New to LXDE and a couple of questions...

Please post all general support questions for LXDE here.
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New to LXDE and a couple of questions...

Postby taylorkh » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:20 pm

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 as a toy. It has taken me back 20 years to when I first started dabbling in Linux and had no idea what I was doing. Hardware compatibility issues, software issues, permissions issues etc. :(

Raspberian OS - looks promising but uses LXDE with which I have no experience - but getting some, more about that in my questions.

Ubuntu Mate - works as expected but sound does not work

CentOS 7 - command line only and not a lot of packages available

OpenSUSE - works GREAT until I logout. The monitor goes dark and tells me to select a compatible resolution/frequency - even though it had been running fine (and I cannot change the resolution when it is running). That reminds me of my initial attempts to install Red Hat 5.8! So I am back to Rasbian with LXDE.

I have figured out the panel although it is different from the Gnome 2/Mate panel which I have been using about forever. I can add a launcher to the Application Launch Bar "thing" on the panel. And I can adjust the middle spacer to bring my clock back on screen after the new launcher shoved it off the right side of the screen :lol: I am having an issue organizing things on the Main Menu.

I created a launcher to execute "xscreensaver-command -lock" which I added to the Main Menu and then added the launcher to the Application Launch Bar. The Main Menu Editor initially created my home made launcher at the top level - just below Configuration. After a reboot it "magically" moved to the "Other" sub-menu. I just created another launcher to the same program, rebooted and this time it stayed in place(?)

Perhaps I have figured out how to add something to the top level of the menu. If I may ask... How do I move my launcher to the bottom of the list - below "Shutdown"? Can I remove the "Run" item from the top level of the menu? That was my fallback before I managed to add the lock screen launcher to the panel but I would still like to learn if it is possible to place my launcher as the last item.

I am getting close to configuring the Main Menu/Panel to my liking - that is a good thing. The next question may be Rasberian related or LXDE. I hope that this community can give me a clue. On the right end of the panel are some notification icons. The Network Preferences icon points to something but I cannot figure out what. On Gnome/Mate it points to Network Manager. This program is not present in Raspberian. If I right click on the network icon I get a message to the effect "Error saving /etc/dhcpd.conf ... file not writable" Actually the file is not present and write access to /etc/ is in general restricted to root. Can someone tell me what this icon points to or how to figure out what it points to so that I can do some additional investigation?

And finally - a minor annoyance (well for me a MAJOR annoyance) ... How do I configure LXDE to allow me to right click on the Desktop and open a terminal???



p.s. I would also really like to remove the Trash icon from the Desktop and place it on my newly added lower panel.

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Re: New to LXDE and a couple of questions...

Postby seppalta » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:29 am

To configure Lxpanel menu:
You can set-up the Openbox Root Menu (right click desktop menu) to launch just about anything.: .
To activate the Openbox Root Menu, use the terminal to launch the command: pcmanfm --desktop-pref , and check the box that says: "show menus provided by window manager when desktop is clicked".
For general stuff, see, and the links therein.

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Re: New to LXDE and a couple of questions...

Postby taylorkh » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:56 pm

Thanks seppalta,

Those links are very informative. It is unfortunate that a menu item cannot be added graphically to a graphical menu. It is 2017. As to the pcmanfm --desktop-prefs there is not such check box on the Raspberian system. I think it is a stripped down version of LXDE.


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