LXDE randomly freezes ever 2 minutes for about 30 seconds to a minute. Topic is solved

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LXDE randomly freezes ever 2 minutes for about 30 seconds to a minute.  Topic is solved

Postby DakotaSings » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:20 am

Hi, I'm pretty new to linux. I tried to install Ubuntu back on my Dell vista desktop a couple years back and failed miserably. This time, I found a much better option for trying out linux: my chromebook. I have a Samsung pro 2 This model (https://www.staples.com/office/supplies ... lsrc=aw.ds) . So far, everything about it is great. It's fast, HD, and does almost everything i need to... Well, except for vector editing and decent photo editing (cough pixlr you aren't terrible but gimp is way better, plus i need inkscape). So, I downloaded Crouton and started trying out different distros. I tried Unity, loved it, but it was crashing and unstable. Tried unity again, this time trusty, just as buggy. So, I decided I might as well try LXDE, it didn't look terrible and it was supposed to be more lightweight than both unity and xfce (i actually tried XFCE first, but the UI was AWFUL and I hated the way it looked. LXDE doesn't look great either, but for a lightweight OS it's perfectly fine.

So far, I've run into a major problem:

It freezes every 2 minutes for about 30 seconds to a minute each time. It's extremely frustrating and difficult to get anything done. After about the 5th or 6th time, the computer stops responding altogether. Unity froze like this too, however it was more like every 5 minutes and it always came back.

Samsung XE510C24-K01US Chromebook Pro
Intel Core M3
Ram: 4 GB

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