Panel hides to soon when trying to select network

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Panel hides to soon when trying to select network

Postby LardPhantom » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:05 pm

Hi guys,
I'm having an issue with getting into my network settings vial the shortcut on the panel. I have the Application Launch and Taskbar panel set to auto-hide, but when i click the wi-fi network icon to do something with it, the pop out menu hides as soon as the mouse pointer leaves the panel - too soon for me to actually select an action e.g. select another network, disconnect etc.

Is there a way to give me time to make this selection? Especially without having to make the panel *not* hide, or without having to do it by just increasing the time the panel takes to hide. I'm looking for a way to make lubuntu realise that my mouse is still using the popup menu. I don't want to use a third party dock either.

Or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance!

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