Beginner assistance

Please post all general support questions for LXDE here.
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Beginner assistance

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Ciao a tutti! . Ho installato LXDE su un vecchio PC e l'ho trovato davvero reattivo e veloce,purtroppo sto incontrando alcuni problemi perché sono un principiante :? . 1) non riesco a capire come utilizzare lo scanner della stampante ; 2) vorrei installare un PDF creator per creare, modificare e assemblare documenti in PDF, 3) utilizzare il la pen drive con firma digitale di Aruba. Qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie

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Re: Beginner assistance

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Welcome to the lxde forums. Unfortunately we have no Italian forum so I have taken the liberty of translating your post and splitting it from the thread that you posted it on. The translation is below.
Hello everyone! . I installed LXDE on an old PC and found it to be really responsive and fast, unfortunately I am running into some problems because I am a beginner:? . 1) I can't figure out how to use the printer scanner; 2) I would like to install a PDF creator to create, edit and assemble PDF documents, 3) use the Aruba digitally signed pen drive. Can someone help me? Thanks
This is an English only forum so please post in English unless you are posting in one of our global village forums.
Since lxde is not an operating system and is only a desktop environment, you need to specify which operating system that you are using. It is also very likely that you would have much better luck getting assistance from the forums of that operating system than here unless of course the problem or question is lxde related.
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Re: Beginner assistance

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1) find out maker & model and search the repos of your distro. Failing that, search the web "Linux install printer <maker> <model>"
2) again: search the repos of your distro first. Failing that, search the web "+Linux pdf editor" but be careful how you install it, this differs from distro to distro.
3) sorry, I don't know what that is.