Forced Shutdown

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Forced Shutdown

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When I click the Logout button and select Shutdown, nothing happens. I have to force shutdown with the power switch. I dunno if it's an LXDE problem or something else is going on in Ubuntu 8.10 (updated - not reinstalled to 9.04). Just thought I'd ask here first.


archibald haddock
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Re: Forced Shutdown

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Power switch is NEVER a good option. May cause hardware (espacially HDD) failures afterwards.
Try the "shutdown -h now" command in a console and look if it shutdown the pc.

Marty Jack
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Re: Forced Shutdown

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It would be helpful to know what display manager you are running (that's the component that takes your username/password and logs you in). I assume it is GDM if you started from Ubuntu.

These symptoms tend to point to something wrong with your HAL setup.

You could try running lxsession-logout from a terminal and see if there are any messages.

Another way of doing shutdown is "init 0" to power down and "init 6" to reboot.