Which Apps Work Best in LXDE?

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Which Apps Work Best in LXDE?

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This is one of those "Total Noob" questions:

It seems that certain desktops have their "favorite" apps - apps that are well integrated into the desktop environment. Like KDE uses the Konquerer web browser and Dolphin or PCman file manager while Gnome favors Epiphany and Synaptic... is it the same way with LXDE? Are there certain apps that just work better or are "favored" by LXDE?

I'm asking because some of my apps are just starting to act up... Extensions don't work in Firefox like they did in Gnome, Brasero disk burning doesn't work at all anymore, stuff like that. Maybe I disabled something I shouldn't have in my quest for an ever smaller, ever leaner, ever faster desktop.


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Re: Which Apps Work Best in LXDE?

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