Serious bug in forum

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Serious bug in forum

Postby fred_mc » Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:34 pm

I just registered a short while ago on this forum with the user name "Christian Johansson". Then, I changed from "British English" to "Svenska" (Swedish) as language in my profile settings. After that, my account became unusable. I just got a blank page meaning that I could not do anything, not even change back to British English to solve the problem. I then deleted all cookies (meaning that I could once again see the forum as guest). Then, I registered a new account with the user name "fred_mc" and another email address so that I could make this post to tell you about the problem. However, I would very much appreciate if you could fix so my first account (with user name "Christian Johansson") works again (perhaps by changing to British English) so I can use that account and remove this one.

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