PCmanfm errors on transfering.

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PCmanfm errors on transfering.

Post by shinchyn »

I use Archlinux+lxde.
When I transfered some files from NTFS filesystem under WINDOWS XP to ~/ using PCmanfm, after a short while, it appeared : Error
Unable to establish connection with FAM.
Do you have "FAM" or "Gamin" installed an running?

However, I did install hal and dus, and add fam to rc.conf.
How to solve it ? or Do I need install gamin ?

I checked again the wiki of lxde, something changed:
Minimal install on Arch:
#pacman -Sy lxde xorg hal gamin
Maybe it sugests I should install gamin ?

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Re: PCmanfm errors on transfering.

Post by maces »


The discussion was about the stability, choose what works best for you. Both should work. I personally use fam.


PS: Dude, don't make 7 Posts with the same content ;)

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Re: PCmanfm errors on transfering.

Post by phillipe »

I use Arch+LXDE too.

And I never had problems with FAM, but I like to use Gamin.

I think his works better. But it's a question of choice.
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