Digital Clock Applet

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Digital Clock Applet

Post by nymusicman »

Couple questions: I was wondering how to change the font color on the digital clock applet. I was also wondering how to switch it to 12hr mode, as well as add date or time. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by MALsPa »

To change the color on the clock you can right-click on the panel and go to Panel Settings > General tab > Font section. Change the color there and it changes it on the clock.

For switching the mode, maybe some of the codes from the link below might work in "Digital Clock" Settings:

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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by casperh »

I'm unable to adjust the time no matter what commands I use.

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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by kgas »

is that difficult to follow what MALsPa said?. Right click on the digital clock and select the digital clock setting. In the clock format if you put %R%p or %R%P timing is displayed with hh:mm am or hh:mm AM format. Other way is to edit your config file /home/<yourname>/.config/lxpanel/LXDE/panels/panel. This will adjust only the format of the time display and not the time. If you want to change the time use date command (this is for newbie to GNU/Linux)

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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by noalternative »

Set the %R to %r and this will give you a 12 hour format complete with am/pm.

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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by cinnamonlife »

This is extremely helpful, thanks! But when I set the format to %r, it also displays seconds, which I'd rather not be reminded of (it's distracting and don't want to waste any resources updating the display each second).

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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by jenssley »

%l:%M %p will give you the time in this format - 7:37 PM - is that what you are looking for? (%l is lower case L)


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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by woodsmoke »

In case a new user changed it and wanted to go back and forgot the original setting: "%R" changes it back to Universal.


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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by Lonnie »

I just switched to LXDE from Unity, and I can't tell you how please I am with the performance!

The fact that I can configure this clock applet to any format that pleases me is a big deal to me. In GNOME and Unity, you can't even show the year: ... bug/465689

Now, here in LXDE, I have my clock display set to:
%m/%d/%Y %l:%M %p

Which displays:
07/12/2012 1:49 PM

Perfect for me!

Rex Bouwense
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Re: Digital Clock Applet

Post by Rex Bouwense »

Hi Lonnie and welcome to the LXDE forum. You picked a really old post (that probably should have been marked solved a long time ago) to introduce yourself. In case you haven't already discovered there are not a great deal of active members who log in. If you have a question you may have to wait for some comments and of course feel free to contribute when you can. Unfortunately there are not separate forums for all of the LXDE operating systems but there are people who use or have used most of them so sooner or later some one will provide an answer.
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