Touchpad Problem on Acer Swift

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Touchpad Problem on Acer Swift

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The touchpad of my Acer Swift 1 stops working randomly. I dont really know what to do about that.

It happens when Im using Firefox but I only use this PC for that, so... I was using xserver-xorg-input-libinput when the problems first appears. I have installed xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, but the problem still appears. It doesnt stop working a lot...Maybe 3 times in the past week. I dont do something special. I cant move the cursor. The "Tap button" doesnt work but I didnt try the physical button for the moment I didnt try to connect a mouse. Im going to test next time If I close the lid, the PC goes in suspend and when I wake the PC, the touchpad works. I tried to let the PC in idle maybe a power manager thing..., but it doesnt create the bug... The keyboard works when the problem appears.
I dont really know what to look and what to do. Could it be a hardware problem ? The PC is new

Thanks for your suggestions  :

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Re: Touchpad Problem on Acer Swift

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I split this off from the existing thread.
It is better to start a new thread with a new problem.

Which distro is this happening on?

Have you searched before posting?

I just searched with the phrase linux acer "swift" touchpad problem and these results look interesting: ... er-swift-1
- esp. the last one:
c. Power on laptop and press F2 before "acer" appears, to enter the BIOS
d. Navigate to "Main" and toggle the Touchpad from "Advanced" to "Basic"
e. Save and exit the BIOS

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