RTX 3080 nvidia driver install

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RTX 3080 nvidia driver install

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I built myself a new PC a few months ago, a desktop with an RTX 3080 in it. On my laptop, I have been running linux for awhile, with this disto, and I was tired of windows and switched over.

https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/ra ... i-desktop/

This is an interesting distro. It is essentially debian nonfree with LXDE, but the desktop has been modded and packages added. It is so much easier than normal debian with LXDE because of the extra packages, but still has LXDE's snappiness, so I want to stick with it.

I was able to update it to debian 11 and get a desktop with the 3080 on nouveau, but it's stuck at a very low resolution that I can't change. (Nouveau is not meant to support a 3080.) So I followed the instructions on the debian wiki to install the nvidia proprietary driver, and it seemed to install without error. Then... I rebooted.

Instead of showing the raspbian desktop (which is the modded lxde) it shows the traditional debian LXDE desktop. My best guess is when this distro was being designed, they added a new modded desktop, but just disabled the old one.

On top of that, I can't move the cursor, type anything, or even do ctrl+alt+F1. I can't do anything at all. Completely frozen, I have to shut down and reinstall completely.

If anyone knows why this is happening, I would be extremely grateful. This is my first post, so if i'm doing something wrong please tell me.
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