LXPanel random missing icons

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LXPanel random missing icons

Post by peebee »

I have 2 panels - the top one just has an "Application Launch Bar" with 12 apps in it.....

Most times the panel starts up with some apps/icons missing - seemingly randomly but the bigger apps (e.g. Chromium & Thunderbird) are the most likely to be missing.

I have to do repeated calls to:
lxpanelctl restart
and eventually all apps/icons appear.

1. Anybody know what causes this behaviour?
2. What checks is LXPanel running to decide that an icon cannot be displayed?
3. Is there a record of which icons opened successfully and which could not be opened?
4. Is there a test I can do to ensure that all apps are ready to be displayed?

Many thanks
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Re: LXPanel random missing icons

Post by drooly »

Please try to start lxpanel from the command line.
Then please show us the configuration file (in my case it would be ~/.config/lxpanel/default/panles/panel).
Then please tell us where the .desktop files in the launchbar section are located. Is it possible they're on a slow (external) hard drive that isn't yet present when you start lxpanel?
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