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Re: Promoting LXDE

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chipskhaoo wrote: Sat Oct 22, 2022 1:32 pm I'd really love to see Linux Mint sprout an LXDE community release. Either that, or I need to find another dedicated LXDE distro that will load and install on my laptops. Since I spent countless hours recently going through pretty much every available LXDE distro and never found one that would install correctly, I guess I'm temporarily stuck with doing the Mint XFCE to LXDE switch. It's working quite well for me and I haven't had a single glitch as of yet.
I replied in another thread on the forum, that most distributions that offer LXDE, should also offer a package task-lxde, which will install LXDE on the system.

LXLE is a distro that is LXDE-specific, it's based on Ubuntu LTS.
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Re: Promoting LXDE

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I just registered myself in forum to be part of LXDE.

I am also loving LXDE. Before as most of new linux users tbh interface looked ugly and not attractive but some later I got my first RaspberryPi, then after installing RaspberryPiOS i saw distro is Debian based and using LXDE/Openbox. RpiOS has very lovely theme and icons called PiXflat. That s the moment I fall in love with the simple and clean look and incredibly fast running desktop. After that I wanted the same look and feel on all my computers. Then I saw RpiOS has X86 OS also, so I installed it on my old IBM ThinkPads. But as RPiOS is highly modified distro, it was installing additional raspberrypi related packages. So I wanted to try it on pure Debian. I can honestly say that Debian+LXDE+Openbox is perfect match for speed. It is using very low RAM and CPU. I am using same setup for all my computers including recent specs desktop and laptop pc, and on all my old IBM ThinkPad collections (even my 20+ years old Pentium III - X20 is running Debian+LXDE+Openbox smoothly)

I wish I had some coding skills to contribute LXDE team about developing. All I can do is mentioning how good and fast LXDE is to my friends and in social media/IRC. Unfortunately people are mostly seeking fancy DEs with glowing themes and icons. If I may give some suggestions, maybe for LXDE default theme and icons could be more eye catching to attract people. and maybe some other changes like a modern look logo etc. But in my opinion first it needs a good website. I personally dont like current LXDE website, it looks too empty and too plain. and of course it should be merged with all projects like wiki - git - forum - blog ..etc. Ubuntu website can be good example.

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