Antix-LXDE = Super Efficient

All questions and problems regarding the installation and upgrades of LXDE from USB Stick, Live CD or Web.
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Antix-LXDE = Super Efficient

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is a fast, lightweight and easy to install linux live CD distribution based on Debian Stable for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems.

I like a fast, instant, easy desktop that I can easily modify for my purposes :geek: – not some horrid WM window manager with a panel or WHY :(
This is why I install LXDE then remove and purge the multitude of WMs and FM file managers that clog up Antix, along with any other excess baggage I can find. This upsets many folk on many forums always resulting in a ban by some mediator with a really expensive computer and a sys tray looking like street bunting OMG :(

I prefer to let simple screenshot pictures and screencast videos do the talking showing just how efficient my setup of Antix-LXDE is. If it keeps an old 2009 laptop alive and kicking 4ss, saving it from the colossal eWaste mountain, then all good :) This is why I named it mini-MAX

I ignore all that stupid stuff about just being able to run on a ?RAM laptop.
As you can see I create and edit videos on my HP G60 3GiB Laptop bought 2009 as my everyday laptop - it has large screen, number pad and touchpad with a scroll bar. It now has a new faster SSD TEAM T253X1240G drive :)
Super efficient LXDE using just 88MiB to 160Mib RAM with huge menu of apps.
Old Pics
Those guys over at Antix are still saying that – zzz-IceWM desktop: 171M – LXDE desktop: 179M withering on about 8MiB RAM. I am using just 150MiB RAM with my setup. Perhaps another imgur video is required :) showing massive menu and minimal RAM :)
See this: Just for you guys 8-) – New Video
Please let me know if you know of any other efficient desktop distro with an extensive menu – thanks Guys :)

We now have a new kids on the block – superlite - for comparison – XF-antiX.
As you can see from their screenshots it uses well over double the RAM: It seems to use a WM and a panel.
I leave it to you to ask why so inefficient? Definitely not Superlite :(

Looks like same outfit have made another inefficient distro LX-antiX
But this time using bits of LX in a jumbled hodgepodge melting pot with the main version using 400+MiB RAM whilst succumbing to LX-antiX 21 32bits to get the RAM down and using very light apps – see their Graphics menu for example without GIMP or Sound & Video without OpenShot Video Editor and without SimpleScreenRecorder.
Again; I leave it to you to ask why so inefficient? Definitely not Superlite in my book :(
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