colors terinal

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colors terinal

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how to modify the style and colors on y LXE Terminal?
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Re: colors terinal

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You can go to settings to fix it
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Re: colors terinal

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Re: colors terinal

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Hi Thierry,

You can right click in the LXTerminal window.
You will get menus to change what you want, text, size, colours etc.
You can also choose to have the menu bar present at all times. :geek:
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Re: colors terinal

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To do that, You can access the settings menu, navigate to the display settings section, and customize aspects such as font style, size,Buckshot Roulette background, and text color.
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modify the style and colors of your LXE

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Press the Menu button on the terminal to open the main menu.
Navigate to and select the "Configuration Utility" or similar option.
thanks :!: quordle
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