install lxde on my opensuse OS

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install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by Shorce721 »

Hi guys,

I am trying to install lxde on my opensuse OS for 3 ours now, and nothing, I am receiving the same error when I`m trying with .YMP "nothing provides lxdm needed by lxdm-conf-0.2.0+svn727-20.1.noarch", I have tried with zypper from ... SUSE_11.1/ X11_lxde, when i type zypper in -t pattern LXDE the output is 'LXDE' not found.
Is there a bug or lxde does not provide this software for opensuse 11.1??

Thank`s in advance.
Rex Bouwense
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by Rex Bouwense »

Open Suse 11.1 was released 18 Dec 2008. The current version is 15.5 released 7 Jun 2023. While it does not appear that 11.1 has reached EOL, the lxde is no longer on their servers. Suggest that you seek assistance on the OpenSuse forums.
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by virex »

Whow. Last old opensuse with lxde what i used is opensuse 13.1. Now i install opensuse tumbleweed and with lxde on it all fine. Its perfect.
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by dlinux »

I tried opensuse 15.4 and 15.5 leap with lxde and it is very good
debian 12 lxde
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by andreen »

Since OpenSUSE 11.1 is still within its support lifecycle, I was wondering if there's a specific reason why LXDE has been removed or if there's an alternative method to install it. fnf
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by bekeanloinse »

Ensure that you are using the correct and up-to-date repository for your version of openSUSE. The repository URL you provided seems to be outdated. openSUSE 11.1 is quite old, and support for it has wordle ended. Consider upgrading to a newer version of openSUSE if possible.
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by Ziggi »

You may need help from an Alien..! :shock: Hope this helps – good luck.

As we know LXDE works with many if not near all OSs :geek:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install lxde elogind libpam-elogind

However Debian type Distros including Ubuntu use .deb files for installing new software whereas openSUSE uses .rpm files for installing new software.
Read here: ... es/44516/5 ... converter/

An openSUSE user in Taiwan has it sorted 8-) Great Screenshots :arrow: ... shots.html

Once you have contacted and installed the Alien then sudo alien -r ... -viceversa ...

Or if you can’t see the Alien hidden by a cloud – then… :?
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Re: install lxde on my opensuse OS

Post by Daisy98 »

Installing LXDE on openSUSE provides a lightweight, fast desktop environment, ideal for older hardware or minimalistic setups. It's a great choice for users seeking efficiency and simplicity.
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