Autorun command on LXDM Login

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Autorun command on LXDM Login

Postby Jeff91 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:03 am

Howdy All,

So I am using LXDM with an Enlightenment desktop and I am having one small issue! For some reason when I have LXDM set to auto login my E17 startup applications do not run. However when I manually login to an Enlightenment desktop from LXDM my E17 applications launch just fine.

I was wondering what LXDM might be doing on a manual login that it ISN'T doing on an autologin? Also a quick (hackish) fix to my problem would be to be able to launch my network manager on LXDM login - is there a way I can have LXDM fire a command after a user logs in?


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