Try PCManFM with a tabbed terminal included

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Try PCManFM with a tabbed terminal included

Postby pcorbes » Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:15 pm


I included in my pcmanfm a vte terminal. I adapted lxterminal 0.1.6.
I added all as possible.. It's now possible to:
- have many tabs terminals.
- hide/show terminals under the the files list(with F7).
- zoom in/out on the terminal (with F8).
- use shortcuts to: copy/past, add/del tabs, switch tabs....

1) Look at this screnshoot: ... fm+vte.png
2) Download and try this : ... 05.tar.bz2

I configured this shortcuts:

Code: Select all

              Shortcut : Action
                    F6 : Open Current Folder as Root
                    F7 : Open Local Terminal
                    F8 : Zoom Local Terminal
             <SHIFT>F5 : View as Icons
             <SHIFT>F6 : View as Compact List
             <SHIFT>F7 : View as Detailed List
       <CTRL><SHIFT>C  : Terminal, copy
       <CTRL><SHIFT>V  : Terminal, past
       <CTRL><SHIFT>T  : Terminal, new Tab
       <CTRL><SHIFT>W  : Terminal, close Tab
<CTRL><SHIFT>Page_Down : Terminal, previous Tab
<CTRL><SHIFT>Page_Up   : Terminal, next Tab
               <ALT>1  : Terminal, switch to Tab1
               <ALT>2  : Terminal, switch to Tab2
               <ALT>3  : Terminal, switch to Tab3
               <ALT>4  : Terminal, switch to Tab4
               <ALT>5  : Terminal, switch to Tab5
               <ALT>6  : Terminal, switch to Tab6
               <ALT>7  : Terminal, switch to Tab7
               <ALT>8  : Terminal, switch to Tab8
               <ALT>9  : Terminal, switch to Tab9

It's not yet translated. I think we can also improve it. What do you think about this?

I started my code from the svn repository. I'm ready to adapt my modifications in the main project.

Philippe Corbes

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Re: Try PCManFM with a tabbed terminal included

Postby craigevil » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:54 am

Something like this would be awesome, that is one of the things I miss about konqueror. I suck at CLI so being able to open a terminal in the dir I need to be in is great.
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