Restore previous session? Topic is solved

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Restore previous session?

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Is there a way to restore a previous session?

Let's say I had open a browser and a text editor in LXDE. For some reason the computer restarts. I want to be able with a single click or at least a simple shell command to restore what I previously had open.

Thing is if I only had 2 programs open, it's not a problem. But when you have 20 things open and you find your computer restarted it's time consuming to restore everything back.


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Re: Restore previous session?  Topic is solved

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First of all, I don't think LXDE offers this.
XFCE definitely does, however...
RaverWild wrote:For some reason the computer restarts.
You have to differentiate between a graceful exit and some sort of hard shutdown.
I'm not sure XFCE will remember your session when the computer crashes.

Also, have you searched (stackexchange result looks promising).