Anyone know the Lubuntu release date?

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Anyone know the Lubuntu release date?

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I'm not sure whether this is the right place to ask but I think people here know best about Lubuntu. I was expecting the Lubuntu ISO to release at the same time with Ubuntu family, how ever it didn't. Is there any news about it, I'm trying to check the update from the internet but not much people is talking about it.

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Re: Anyone know the Lubuntu release date?

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The original intention was to introduce Lubuntu with Karmic Koala (9.10), but it was abandoned in favor of a script which may become a package ("lubuntu-desktop") available through Synaptic. But the first Lubuntu release will most likely be in late April with Lucid (10.4). It will also have the advantage of being a long-term support release.


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Re: Anyone know the Lubuntu release date?

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There is a lubuntu-desktop metapackage in the Jaunty repos. I just took it for a spin and it's definitely not ready for primetime. If your interests mirror mine you should try WattOS. It's a very nice implementation of LXDE on Ubuntu.

BTW: Biff at WattOS is thinking of switching from a Ubuntu core to a Debian core because even the Ubuntu core system is starting to get bloated. And "if your interests mirror mine" that's why you are posting on the LXDE forums. :D

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Re: Anyone know the Lubuntu release date?

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Target for Lubuntu release in the same as the other Ubuntu release. Testing iso are also already available :