Openbox theme - what is this part called?

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Openbox theme - what is this part called?

Post by tpprynn »

In relation to the example shown here, could anyone here tell me what the light blue line is called within Openbox theming code please? I'm referring to the line below the outer border, which seems to go from a mid-blue on the left to a turquoise on the right. Trial and error while replacing various colours hasn't led to a change. It's not a big deal but I have dabbled with gtk and Cinnamon theming over the years and now am dabbling with Openbox.

I have looked here:

What would have been ideal on that page is a labelled picture.

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Re: Openbox theme - what is this part called?

Post by drooly »

I see two thick blue lines on that image.
No idea which one you're refering to.
And even if I did, the openbox wiki's theming article is so perfect, not sure what I could add.
Maybe try obtheme.