Would like to install lxde by using a bash script but getting UI

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Would like to install lxde by using a bash script but getting UI

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I am trying to install the lxde package on Ubuntu 20.04 server on an AWS EC2 instance using apt. I am running

apt-get install -y lxde

This causes install to run and show me a text/curses dialog asking if to install gnome3 or lightdm. In my case I would like to use lightdm. The prompt unfortunately interferes with the script execution, so I was wondering if it was possible to pass apt-get a config option to tell it what desktop manager I want to use, thereby skipping the UI and running completely unattended.

I have tried looking at apt-get install --config, but I'm not sure what the option to install the lightdm would be called.

I also tried looking for the source code is that builds the .deb package on github - but can't find that easily either.

If someone could point me in the right direction to look, or if someone knows the answer -- it would be greatly appreciated.

With user intervention, the installer runs perfectly fine - so its just the question of passing the installer my desired option.

Let me know if you can point me into the right direction.
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