Read this first if you want to report a bug or send a patch!

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Read this first if you want to report a bug or send a patch!

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Hi all users and supporters of LXDE,
It's a long standing problem that bug reports are sent to the wrong places and are hence not handled.
Please, if you would like to report a bug, request features, or you have nice patches at hand, post them in our official bug tracker.

For PCManFM, post here:

For other parts of LXDE, post here:

Bugs should go to Bugs area, and patches belong to Patches area.
This is the only official way to submit stuff to the developers.

Don't send bug reports, patches, or feature requests to individual developer, the mailing list, or even worse, the forum. Otherwise they will easily get lost sometimes. If you post those issues in the trackers instead, things will be well tracked and followed. All of the reported issues get numerical ids and the status of those issue can be easily managed and queried later.

Also, please don't send feature requests to my mailbox: (Looks like Most of the time you won't get any reply because there are just too many mails like this (currently there are > 80 mails). It's impossible for me to read and reply every mail. That even require more time then that I spent in software development. So please don't flood my mailbox like this. I'm not a full-time developer and only did the programming in my very limited spare time.

Recently patches for PCManFM are not applied because it's now undergoing a complete rewrite. Unless there are serious bugs, the old pcmanfm is left untouched. The development is now focused on its successor, libfm.

Discussion can be done in both forum and mailing list. However, bug reports, feature requests, and patches, should, and only should go to bug trackers.

Thank you all!
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Re: Read this first if you want to report a bug or send a pa

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New web sites for PCMan File Manager
for bugs:
for future requests:
New web sites for other parts of LXDE
for bugs:
for patches:
for future requests: